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Panoramic glazing in new buildings

Panoramic windows are a type of glazing in which the window opening occupies from 60% to 100% of the wall area. There are also options when glass structures are mounted end-to-end, forming two or more adjacent transparent surfaces. Such glazing can no longer be called a novelty, but it does not lose its popularity either. On the contrary, more and more developers are trying to use panoramic windows in their projects.

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Advantages of high floors in new buildings

The days when the upper floors of high-rise buildings were in less demand along with the first floors are long gone. Today, their popularity is much higher than the middle floors, which until recently were considered the very "golden mean". This is due to a number of advantages previously unavailable for tall buildings. So, let's list the main ones:

  • Lack of neighbors from above. The residents of the upper floor will not be disturbed by the noise coming from the neighbors above them.…

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Security levels in modern new buildings

Today, the issue of organizing a security system in new buildings is given a lot of attention by both developers and investors. Modern security systems provide protection against intruders and signal an emergency. The structure of the security system may differ depending on the class of the new building. So in the complexes of elite and business class, access control is carried out at every stage (the perimeter of the residential complex, the entrance to the entrance and the entrance to the apartment…

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