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Articles about the real estate market, apartments in new buildings from the specialists of the «Stroitel-P» company.

How can you use a loggia

Сегодня рассмотрим, как использовать квадратные метры лоджии с умом, сделать её удобной и функциональной частью квартиры, а заодно и разгрузить остальное жилое пространство. Первое, о чем нужно подумать - как правильно её утеплить. Только одними качественными стеклопакетами здесь не обойтись. Необходимо будет утеплить пол, потолок, стены и парапет, установить системы обогрева.

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How to make a dark apartment brighter

It is uncomfortable and uncomfortable in a dark apartment with insufficient natural light. Lack of sunlight greatly affects the physical, psychological and emotional well-being of residents. But this is not a reason to despair. Here are some simple tips to make your dark apartment brighter and more spacious.

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At what stage is it profitable to invest in new buildings

The construction phase is one of the most important parameters when choosing a home. But if earlier buyers preferred to buy housing at the final stage of the construction of the facility, now many are ready to invest even at the stage of the foundation pit, provided the developer is reliable. Let's consider which of the stages is the most profitable for investing in a new building.

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How to plan lighting in an apartment

The comfort of your home depends a lot on well-designed lighting. With the help of lamps, chandeliers, sconces and floor lamps, you can emphasize all the advantages of your interior and hide flaws, decorate each room harmoniously and functionally. Therefore, the choice of lighting devices must be taken very seriously.

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What layout to choose in a new building

To buy an apartment with a layout that will be convenient and comfortable for you and your family, you need to take into account the composition of the family and their needs. To properly organize the living space and use every meter of living space with benefit, the following rules will help you...

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Storage systems in a small apartment

In a small apartment, the issue of competent organization of living space is very relevant. And how well everything is thought out depends not only on the appearance of the housing, but also on the comfort of its inhabitants. In this article, we will look at different options for storage systems in a small living space.

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Zoning of rooms. Basic rules and techniques.

One of the advantages of modern new buildings is free planning. And if you become the owner of an apartment with a clean layout, do not rush to build walls. Use such a decorative technique as zoning. Zoning is the division of a living space into functional zones that meet the basic needs and lifestyle of the owner of the apartment. With its help, you can create a modern interior, and the absence of major partitions will make the room more spacious and bright, thanks to the unhindered access of…

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Options for wall decoration in the apartment

Wall decoration is one of the main points on which the interior of the apartment is built. A wide range and possibilities of modern finishing materials allow you to combine different types and technologies in one room, to design an apartment in any style. Consider the most popular options for interior decorative wall decoration.

Useful articles