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Useful articles

Articles about the real estate market, apartments in new buildings from the specialists of the «Stroitel-P» company.

5 benefits when buying an apartment from a developer

Today, there is a huge number of proposals on the real estate market. Of course, all of them may deserve attention, but we still advise you to first of all consider the option of buying a home from a developer. Below are just some of the benefits that you will get if your choice falls on an apartment in a new building.

Useful articles


Useful Tips for Real Estate Buyers - Part 1

The purchase of an apartment or house is a rather responsible business, often associated with a lot of nuances, especially if this is your first home purchase. And it's not just about financial and legal issues. Today we will give you the first five useful tips from this section.

Useful articles


What is Eurolayout

The wording of a euro apartment or euro planning often pops up among the ads and proposals of developers and interior designers. Let's figure out what is meant by this term, consider the features, pros and cons of such an organization of living space.

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What layouts are best avoided when choosing an apartment

It seems that impractical layouts remained only in the Soviet "panels" and "Khrushchevs", and modern developers use only thoughtful solutions for organizing living space. However, sometimes this is far from the case. Let's look at the layout options that it is advisable to avoid when buying an apartment both in a new building and in a secondary building. This is usually a series of extremes that will be easy to remember.

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The advantages of autonomous heating

In modern realities, using the services of centralized heating is not always convenient and profitable. It is good if you live in a new building where there is a roof boiler room or individual boilers in each apartment. In this article, we'll look at the benefits of the second option.

Useful articles


Renovation of an apartment for rent

The rental real estate market is constantly growing, which means increasing competition among landlords. This trend forces to reduce the cost of rent, reducing profits and increasing the payback period. What are the ways out of this situation? Let's understand.

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Ideal apartment for remote work

Quarantine is over, but not all employees are in a hurry to return to the office. Many companies and employees have concluded that remote work can be much more efficient and comfortable, and the costs of maintaining an office and equipment are significantly reduced. However, it turned out that not every home is suitable for a remote location. Let's figure out what the apartment of a remote employee or freelancer should be like.

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Tips for arranging a small kitchen

Modern apartment dwellers are divided into two types. Some people like to cook complex dishes and are ready to spend a lot of time in their spacious kitchen. Others live at a different pace and it is enough for them to cook something quickly or just warm up. It is about the kitchen for such people that we will talk today.

If you are not too fond of cooking or you do not have enough time for this, you can get by with a compact kitchen or a kitchen combined with a living room. Here are some…

Useful articles