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Articles about the real estate market, apartments in new buildings from the specialists of the «Stroitel-P» company.

Help together!

On February 24, 2022, Russian troops attacked Ukraine. For all of us, difficult times have come that united Ukrainians as never before. Our company Stroitel-P, of course, does not stay aside and helps the Armed Forces and territorial defense with all its might!

Useful articles


5 ideas what to turn a balcony or loggia into

As a rule, a balcony is not considered by residents as a full-fledged living space with unique functionality. Things that no one needs for a long time find their haven here, but for some reason it doesn't work out to throw them away. But, especially with a small number of useful meters, it is rational to use several squares of balcony space — this is not only a way to unload a living room, but also an opportunity to create a separate room.

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How to choose a repair team?

Repairs in an apartment or a private house are definitely not the procedure that you want to carry out often, therefore it is logical to approach the choice of builders as carefully as possible. It is the professional level of these people that will determine your comfort in the next few years and the amount you will spend right now. So how do you find a construction team that can do all the work efficiently and on time?

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Plastic windows in our homes

Wooden window frames can be seen less and less often on the facades of buildings. Most owners of apartments in the old housing stock have long replaced them with modern plastic ones, plastic windows are installed initially in new buildings. Today we will try to tell the story and describe the main characteristics of windows that have already become so familiar to us.

Useful articles


Outdated interior design techniques that should be abandoned - part 1

In this section we will introduce you to interior elements that have already gone out of fashion and which it is better to get rid of if possible.

Arches and niches made of drywall

With the introduction of such a material as drywall in our latitudes, new possibilities of interior decoration have opened up. This material makes it interesting to beat the structural elements of the building, such as load-bearing beams or columns. It was this feature that the designers of the 2000s…

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Useful tips for real estate buyers - part 2

Today we offer you the second part of the tips for real estate buyers from our permanent section.

Meet the neighbors

There are two well-known sayings "Neighbors are not chosen" and "Do not buy a house, but choose a neighbor." We sincerely wish you not to fall under the influence of the first of them and use the wisdom of the second. Before buying an apartment on the secondary market, it will not be difficult to visit future neighbors and find out what kind of people they are. If…

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