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RC Sherwood

Apartments from the developer in RC Sherwood, Ukraine, Kiev city

Photo and visualization of the complex

In detail


  • There are 263 apartments in the complex;
  • The area of apartments from 58.3 to 127.0 m2, with possibility to unite apartments;
  • The height of the room is 3.0 m;
  • Built-in parking for 150 cars;
  • Ventilated energy-saving facade;
  • Glazing: Aluminum rack system with dual-chamber energy-saving double-glazed windows by Alutech;
  • Finishing screed with soundproof layer;
  • Heating - the gas roof boiler room;
  • Elevators by OTIS with capacity up to 1000 kg;
  • Fireproof, shockproof, metal entrance doors;
  • 24-hour security system.

Residential complex Sherwood - a modern and stylish solution for people who decided to buy a business class apartment in Kiev city. The high-rise building will allow you to contemplate a beautiful panorama from the top floors. Surrounded by plants the residential complex Sherwood connects with nature and gives a sense of harmony among the neighborhood of the noisy metropolis.

The developed infrastructure of the district will allow to combine comfort and alienation with the benefits of civilization. The residential complex Sherwood embodied a stylish design solution of the developer. Thanks to attention not only to the construction, but also to the surrounding area, the owners of the housing will be able to feel the comfort of being alone with nature, walking along paved avenues. 288 apartments are provided in residential complex Sherwood in Kiev city,

Underground three-level parking will allow convenient placement of vehicles for all apartment owners. The construction itself is made of quality materials selected according to the world's best standards - it is worth it to buy an apartment in the Sherwood complex from the developer. Autonomous heating system will allow heating the apartment, the insulated walls will not allow the cold to penetrate into the cozy rooms.

Convenient location, advanced technologies that are used in the construction and extraordinary design distinguish this complex from others. Since the first quarter of 2016 the complex will be put into operation. The sale of apartments in the RC Sherwood from the developer has already begun, with available prices and terms of sale. You can visit the official website of the complex.


Status of construction

Start date of the construction
End date of the construction
Commissioning time
4 quarter 2016

Location on the map


Ukraine, Kiev city, Antonov street 2-B

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