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RC Zhukoffskiy

Apartments from the developer in Zhukoffskiy, Ukraine, Dnipro city

Photo and visualization of the complex

In detail


  • There are 530 apartments in the complex
  • The area of apartments from 36 to 200 m2, with possibility to unite apartments
  • The height of the living space is 2.8 m;
  • Ventilated energy-saving facade
  • Panoramic windows and balconies are glazed with a double-chamber energy-saving glass unit.
  • Finishing screed with soundproof layer
  • Two-circuit gas boilers by BOSH 24kW;
  • Elevators by OTIS with capacity up to 1000 kg;
  • Free price planning;
  • Metal, fireproof, anti-shock entrance doors
  • Parking (3 levels)
  • Playground for children
  • 24-hour security system

The Zhukoffskiy residential complex is a unique project that will give you and your family a warm home. Energy-saving technologies for finishing the facade, a closed territory, thanks to which the courtyard will not be a passageway, lots of places for games with children and a very cozy area will give you walks with pleasure.

RC Zhukoffskiy harmoniously combines the best qualities of modern construction: modern appearance, exclusively proven technologies and materials, flexible layouts, security, infrastructure and maximum comfort!

More price details, terms of purchase and planning solutions can be found in the sales department or by phone of the Zhukoffskiy residential complex in the city of Dnipro.

Children's and sports grounds, landscaping, recreation area, school, colleges, shops, market, mall, cinema, park, public transport stops.


Status of construction

Start date of the construction
1 quarter 2015
End date of the construction
3 quarter 2017
Commissioning time:
1 part (sections 3, 4)
commissioned in 1 quarter 2016
2 part (sections 2, 5)
commissioned in 2 quarter 2016
3 part (sections 1, 6)
commissioned in 3 quarter 2016
4 part (sections 7, 8)
handed over in 2 quarter 2017

Location on the map


Ukraine, Dnipro city, Vasily Zhukovsky street 16-24

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