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RC Panorama

Apartments from the developer in the new building RC Panorama. Ukraine, Dnipro city

Photo and visualization of the complex

In detail


  • There are 1008 apartments in the complex;
  • The area of apartments from 46.3 to 121 m2, with possibility to unite apartments;
  • The height of the room is 3.04 m;
  • Monolithic structure;
  • Ventilated energy-saving facade;
  • Energy-saving panoramic glazing (GUARDIAN), aluminum stained-glass windows (ALUTECH);
  • Finishing screed with soundproof layer;
  • Roof boiler room (Buderus);
  • Elevators by OTIS with capacity up to 1000 kg;
  • Free price planning;
  • Metal, fireproof, anti-shock entrance doors;
  • Fire alarm, smoke removal and fire extinguishing system;
  • Parking (3 levels);
  • Two playgrounds;
  • 24-hour security system.

The residential complex "Panorama" is the philosophy of a non-trivial concept of life in one of the largest regional centers of Ukraine. RC on the Simferopolska street 2K represents an exclusive space for life, combining a practical location, orderly territory, panoramic views of the Dnipro. The new building is being built in the prestigious Nagorniy district, located near the main transportation point of the city.

The decision to buy an apartment in the RC "Panorama" from the developer "Stroitel-P" in the Dnipro city is taken by people who are striving for a better life, really appreciating comfort.

The peculiarity of the development is a comfortable, homely territory, where there will be walking paths, gazebos, cafes. The yard of the new building is closed for strangers, 24 hours a day under video surveillance. It provides for the possibility of video output for people's devices any time.

"Panorama" is a residential complex consisting of five business-class houses with a height of 19 to 24 floors. In the RC there will be 1008 one-, two- and three-bedroom apartments with a varied layout. Thanks to the panoramic windows installed in each apartment, residents will be able to appreciate the magnificent views of the Dnipro city, Dmitriy Yavornytskiy avenue and the historic part of the city.

The infrastructure of the new building includes underground parking for three levels and 600 parking spaces, trade and office premises, a children's development center, a medical clinic, a SPA, a sauna, a large sports complex with a swimming pool, a fashionable restaurant.


Status of construction

Start date of the construction
2 quarter 2012
End date of the construction
3 quarter 2017
Commissioning time:
I part
commissioned in 1st quarter 2014
II part
commissioned in 3rd quarter 2015
III part
commissioned in 3rd quarter 2016
IV part
commissioned in 2nd quarter 2017
V part
commissioned in 4th quarter 2017

Location on the map


Ukraine, Dnipro city, Simferopolska street 2

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