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Primary property classes

Detailed description of the classes of modern real estate
Primary property classes

Today, construction companies divide real estate into four classes: economy, comfort, business and elite. The belonging of each project to a class is determined by the following parameters:

  • Location of the house
  • Infrastructure development
  • Construction and technical characteristics of the building
  • Layouts and area of apartments
  • Security level

Economy class

Economy class new buildings are high-rise buildings built according to standard drawings. They are built mainly in residential areas and on the outskirts of the city. Such housing is distinguished by an affordable cost per square meter and a small area of apartments. Main characteristics:

  • They are being built on the outskirts of the city, in areas with already developed infrastructure and close to public transport routes.
  • They are built according to standard projects and do not differ in the originality of architectural and design solutions.
  • Construction technology: Brick, panel, monolithic-frame. Mostly inexpensive building materials and glazing are used.
  • Low level of energy saving and sound insulation.
  • Apartments are characterized by a small area and ill-conceived layouts. Ceiling height 2.5 - 2.7 m.
  • There is no video surveillance, security and service company.
  • Provided for children's and sports grounds and landscaping of the territory.
  • Outdoor guest parking.

Comfort class

Comfort-class housing is affordable, but the construction characteristics and living conditions here are much higher than in new economy-class buildings. Main characteristics:

  • Construction technology monolithic-frame or brickwork using high-quality building materials (brick, gas and ceramic block).
  • In complexes of the comfort class, there are often original architectural solutions, panoramic glazing, interesting types of finishes.
  • For interior decoration, quality materials, sound-o- and waterproofing are also used. Energy-saving technologies are being introduced.
  • Apartments with a larger area than in new economy class buildings and with more thought-out layouts. Ceiling height from 2.75 m.
  • Developed infrastructure. Often on the ground floors of a residential complex or within walking distance there are kindergartens and schools, hospitals, supermarkets, banks, pharmacies, fitness centers.
  • Successful transport interchange.
  • New buildings of the comfort class are equipped with playgrounds and sports grounds, alleys and squares with benches, there is a local landscaping of the territory.
  • The territory is fenced, there is a concierge, video surveillance, a security point with a barrier.
  • There is a guest parking and a closed parking for residents.

Business Class

Business class new buildings are characterized by a high level of comfort and safety for the residents of the complex. Main characteristics:

  • Located in the city center and surrounding areas.
  • During the construction, a monolithic frame construction technology or brickwork is used. For interior partitions, ceramic or silicate bricks, ceramic blocks are used.
  • Business class new buildings are built according to an individual architectural project. Expensive, durable and environmentally friendly materials are used for interior and exterior decoration. Energy-saving technologies are being actively introduced: Individual heat meters, thermostats on heating radiators, five-chamber double-glazed windows.
  • Spacious apartments with varied and thoughtful layouts. Ceiling height from 2.75m. No more than eight apartments per floor. There are apartments with terraces. There are cargo-passenger and passenger lifts, storage rooms and storage areas for bicycles and strollers.
  • Developed infrastructure. On the ground floors of the complex there are children's development centers, fitness and spa centers, a swimming pool, cafes, supermarkets, restaurants, pharmacies, banks, clinics, etc.
  • Equipped adjoining territory with thoughtful landscape design and recreation areas for representatives of all age groups: Playgrounds, sports grounds for playing basketball, volleyball or tennis, exercise equipment, alleys and squares.
  • Has its own operating company, a well-thought-out security system: Fenced area with a barrier and checkpoint, 24-hour video surveillance, video intercoms in each apartment, electronic key entry to the house, concierge.
  • There is an underground parking and a guest indoor parking.

Elite class

Elite class new buildings are houses built using innovative construction technologies, with original architectural and design solutions. The prices for such real estate are quite high, but the level of comfort is appropriate. Main characteristics:

  • They are erected near natural recreational areas, in the historical, cultural and business centers of the city.
  • Construction technology monolithic frame or solid masonry. Interior partitions made of red ceramic bricks or ceramic blocks.
  • Exclusive architectural project.
  • Ventilated façade and advanced energy-saving technologies.
  • Quality is used in construction and decoration, natural and durable materials.
  • The number of apartments per floor is no more than six. Apartments of a large area with well-thought-out layouts. Ceiling height from 3m. There are multi-level apartments and penthouses.
  • Installed high-speed elevators.
  • Thoughtful and original landscape design of the local area: benches, fountains, statues, lighting. Expensive plant species are used in landscaping.
  • Instead of playgrounds and sports grounds, whole children's play centers and sports complexes are being set up.
  • Multilevel security system: High fencing, round-the-clock security, video surveillance, access to the house only by registered electronic keys, video intercoms, concierge.
  • Has its own service company, underground parking for residents and guest parking, tire fitting and car wash.

All these criteria significantly affect the quality of life and the level of comfort living in the new building, as well as the cost per square meter. The division into classes helps investors not to get confused and to choose a new building that suits their wishes and needs.