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What layouts are best avoided when choosing an apartment

Tips for choosing an apartment layout
What layouts are best avoided when choosing an apartment

It seems that impractical layouts remained only in the Soviet "panels" and "Khrushchevs", and modern developers use only thoughtful solutions for organizing living space. However, sometimes this is far from the case. Let's look at the layout options that it is advisable to avoid when buying an apartment both in a new building and in a secondary building. This is usually a series of extremes that will be easy to remember.

Too few windows

The main problem of such apartments is the lack of natural light, which can entail a number of unpleasant consequences, ranging from higher costs for planning and installing artificial light, paying for electricity and ending with an increased risk of getting sick, staying in such a room for a long time. Natural insolation is extremely important for maintaining the health of residents, not to mention the fact that any interior will look much more profitable if the apartment has enough natural light.

Too many windows

Panoramic glazing, of course, is a very effective solution that allows you to make the interior of the apartment extremely bright and spacious. But measure is good in everything. Too many windows will not allow you to place enough furniture and achieve the necessary comfort. Of course, you can close the windows with panels, furniture or interesting curtains, but all this does not replace the comfort and sense of security that we are used to experiencing, hiding behind strong walls from the anxieties of the big city.

Too many corner

Often, an overabundance of corners in a room is due to the original shape of the building itself. It is almost inevitable that there will be sharp corners that cause the most trouble. The space in them is quite difficult to fill with something practical. We'll have to make non-standard furniture that can partially smooth out these shortcomings. Essentially, a large number of corners steals the usable space of an apartment.

Too few corners (oval or round buildings)

The other extreme is the lack of corners in the building. For the spectacular appearance of the house, you have to pay with difficulties in choosing, installing furniture and organizing space in general. Most often, such apartments have sharp corners and a large number of panoramic windows.

Long and narrow rooms

Finally, consider another example of an unsuccessful layout. These are the so-called wagon rooms. If the width of the room is not enough, then it will inevitably be cramped in it, no matter what area it has. But, if the width of the room is about 4 meters, then, despite the proportions, you can make an excellent studio in it, dividing the space into comfortable zones.