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Important criteria when choosing an apartment

List of important criteria that should be followed when choosing an apartment
Important criteria when choosing an apartment

For each potential buyer, the idea of an ideal apartment will differ depending on the lifestyle, family, desires and financial capabilities. In this article we will list which criteria are the most important when buying an apartment in a new building.

  • Building construction type. The most common types of buildings today, depending on the building materials, are monolithic, panel and brick. Monolithic - these are houses built using modern construction technologies. Their advantages are high heat and sound insulation, free layouts, construction speed. Modern panel houses are built from insulated block structures, so they are warmer than the houses of the old housing stock. However, such houses have poor sound insulation, and besides, they cannot be redeveloped. Brick houses are strong and durable, with good heat and sound insulation, but often they also lack the ability to redevelop.
  • Apartment layout. Thanks to modern construction technologies, in most new buildings, you can purchase an apartment with free layouts, which allows you to divide the space into functional zones according to the personal preferences and needs of each family.
  • Floor. Floors 1 to 4 are more budget-friendly as they are most exposed to street noise. The windows of the first floors are easily visible from the street, which also causes discomfort. Floors 5 to 10 are more expensive. Their advantages are the absence of street noise and a large amount of sunlight. Floors above 10 are attractive with panoramic views from the windows, lack of street noise and clean air. The disadvantages include the increased cost.
  • Finishing type. Today on the real estate market there are apartments with different levels of decoration. An unfinished apartment is equipped only with a door and window blocks. In an apartment with a rough finish, all the main surfaces are leveled, utilities are carried out, wet spots are decorated, water meters are installed. In apartments with pre-finishing, electrical wiring is laid, switches, sockets and plumbing are installed. Fine finish - all surfaces are fully decorated. You can also buy an apartment with designer finishes.
  • Developed external and internal infrastructure. The presence of shops, kindergartens, schools, playgrounds, entertainment facilities, clinics and other social institutions nearby is especially important for families with children. As a rule, developers make sure that the territory of modern residential complexes has all the infrastructure facilities necessary for comfortable living.
  • Transport interchange. The quality of highways, the availability of parking lots, the schedule of public transport is another important aspect that you should pay attention to when choosing an apartment.
  • Ecology. When choosing an area of residence, you need to make sure that there are no industrial facilities, boiler houses and household waste landfills nearby.

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