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7 mistakes that can ruin the interior

Mistakes in interior design that are best avoided
7 mistakes that can ruin the interior

What is it, an ideal interior? Of course, the one that is right for you. And, since we are all very different, then the interior should be selected purely individually. However, with all the modern possibilities, a huge range of options and techniques, you should not neglect the basic rules. Today we will get acquainted with common mistakes that it is better to know about before starting a design project and repair.

Monochrome white interior

A sterile white design that resembles a hospital ward is not the best option. Be sure to add additional colors in the decor or furniture.

There are too many different shades

An abundance of incongruous colors will turn your room into a market stall. To avoid such a feeling, the rule will help — no more than three main shades in the palette. It is allowed to use derivatives of paints, that is, close to the three main ones.

Incongruous ornaments and patterns

To make friends with several decorative patterns, follow two rules: Different ornaments in the same color scheme or identical ornaments in different colors.

The walls are completely covered with furniture

Free up at least some of the space, otherwise your room will look like an exhibition hall. The excess of furniture is quite heavy for perception and will have a depressing effect on the residents.

Excessive number of decorative elements

Do not abuse small furniture and decorative elements. Even the most outstanding and original interior items turn into a pile of junk if there are too many of them.

Chandelier in a small room

One overhead lamp will always be insufficient, despite its high brightness. It is better to use several lamps, each of which will perform its own function depending on the situation. Refuse a bulky chandelier if the room area is less than 20 m2 and the ceilings are below 3 m.

Photo Wallpapers

It is rare to consider photo wallpapers appropriate in a modern home. Yes, there are exceptions. But most often, this is a sure way to spoil the interior, making it much cheaper than it really is. In extreme cases, use original geometric images. It is better to refuse photos of nature and textures of a brick wall.