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10 popular interior styles

Description of the ten most popular styles of modern interior design.
10 popular interior styles

In this article, we will tell you about ten of the most relevant, functional and practical interior styles that can be organically embodied in modern new buildings.


Elegant and rich, but at the same time laconic style of the interior, which testifies to the good taste of the owner of the apartment. This interior requires light and airy rooms with high ceilings and large windows. In neoclassicism, in contrast to the classic interior, both natural and artificial materials are actively used, as well as modern technologies. The furniture has retained its massive forms, but has become more functional, without decorative excesses. The upholstery uses expensive fabrics with a restrained ornamental pattern. The color palette is dominated by pastel colors. Dark deep tones are used as accents. The décor and accessories have also become more discreet.


Simple, functional and practical modern style. Clarity of shapes and lines, strict observance of proportions, monochrome colors and lack of decor are the basic principles of minimalism. The use of transforming furniture, built-in appliances, plastic and glass allows you to keep the maximum amount of light and free space in the room. The main colors of the palette are white, gray, beige.


The main advantages of this style are high ceilings, free layouts and huge windows. Key elements of the style: Bare brick or plastered walls, open communications, a mix of vintage and modern furniture. When decorating the premises, special attention is paid to lighting. The brightness of the lighting should contrast with the discreet finish of the main surfaces. The color palette is dominated by natural colors and natural shades.


The grunge style is a combination of practicality and comfort. This style can only be recreated in a spacious, bright room with large windows. Natural materials are used in the finishing of the main surfaces. The walls are decorated with brickwork or simply plastered. The ceiling and floor are covered with wood. Classic furniture and laconic accessories stand out effectively against the background of deliberately simple interior decoration. Particular attention should be paid to textiles. Soft blankets and pillows made of natural materials will make the interior even more comfortable. The main colors of the palette: White, gray, beige, brown, black.


Very cozy, natural and natural style, imbued with rustic charm. Finishing materials, furniture, decor and accessories - everything is made from natural materials. When choosing furniture, preference should be given to massive pieces of aged wood. In the upholstery, window decoration, pillowcases, dense textiles with a floral pattern or a cage are used. Accessories are very important: fresh flowers, handmade decor, forged products. The following colors are characteristic for the color palette of the style: Green, brown, beige, blue.

Shabby chic

Romantic and very feminine style. Key Features: Delicate pastel color palette, high quality vintage furniture, accessories and textiles. In the finishing of the main surfaces, extremely simple materials are used: White plaster on the ceiling, a wooden floor, the walls are covered with wallpaper with a small floral pattern. The main elements of the decor are figurines in the shape of angels, handicrafts, forged items, fresh flowers.


Natural, comfortable and organic interior style. Only natural materials are used in the decoration of premises, furniture and decor: wood, stone, ceramics, glass, cork. An eco-style interior should be spacious and light, with a lot of living plants. It is better to choose furniture that is simple and laconic, made of solid wood of noble species. Wicker rattan furniture is also popular. Baskets, chests, ceramic and glass vases, natural textiles are used as decor. The color palette uses natural natural colors and their shades.


A bright and distinctive style without strict canons and rules. The main task of such an interior is to reflect the individuality of the apartment owner. Absolute freedom in the choice of materials, finishes, furniture styles and decor allows you to create a harmonious space that will demonstrate your personal view of the world. Decor and textiles play a major role in this style. All surfaces in the room are filled with handicrafts, souvenirs from different countries, paintings, figurines, masks, mirrors in massive frames, intricate lamps and other interesting trinkets. Textile elements should be decorated with ethnic ornaments or original patterns. The boho style is characterized by bright saturated colors: Red, orange, yellow, shades of blue and green.

High tech

A functional and discreet style, in which there is no place for decorative frills and bright colors. All surfaces are extremely smooth and glossy. A lot of free space, comfortable and laconic furniture design, the use of the latest technology innovations are the main features of the high-tech style. Glass, plastic and metal materials are actively used in interior decoration. The space should not be overloaded with pieces of furniture, textiles and accessories. The furniture design is minimalist and practical. Lamps of futuristic shapes, abstract paintings, black and white photographs in strict frames are used as decor. The main colors of the style: White, black, gray. Any bright color in a minimal amount can be used as an accent.

Scandinavian style

The main thing in the Scandinavian style is the pursuit of naturalness and simplicity. When decorating the interior, it is important not to overload the space with unnecessary items, making it as comfortable and bright as possible. Natural finishing materials, simple and laconic furniture, cozy textiles are the main properties of the style. The ceiling and walls are covered with wallpaper or light-colored paint, the floor is covered with wood. The furniture is functional and practical, also made of wood. Windows are not decorated so as not to block the path of natural light. Decor items play an important role in the Scandinavian style, but there should not be many of them. Handicrafts, vases, ceramic and porcelain dishes, lamps, candlesticks, live plants will perfectly fit into this interior. The color scheme of the main surfaces and furniture: White, light shades of gray and blue, beige. Bright accents are set with the help of decor and individual pieces of furniture. You can use shades of red, blue, purple and green.


Modern apartments with high ceilings and free layouts will allow you to embody any of your favorite interior styles. The main thing is to choose the one that suits you, to create an interior in which it will be cozy and comfortable.