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Which floor should I choose when buying an apartment?

Description of the advantages of different floors in new buildings
Which floor should I choose when buying an apartment?

Today we will touch on the number of floors in new buildings, where the usual "pros" and "cons" of the first and last floors of old buildings are no longer relevant. The difference does exist, but it is not related to the disadvantages, but rather, the advantages of this or that apartment. In our residential complexes, we managed to balance many parameters so that each buyer could find a suitable option for himself. This is evidenced by the uniformity of sales of apartments of various sizes and number of floors. So, what are the differences?

Ground floor

Let's start with the first floors. At the moment, situations with high humidity, insects and curious glances of passers-by no longer bother residents of the lower floors. Firstly, these problems are solved due to modern construction technologies, and secondly, commercial premises are most often located on the ground floor, so the first residential floor will be at least at the level of the second. Problems with higher noise levels and air pollution in busy areas are solved by high-quality double-glazed windows and a good ventilation system. The only disadvantage that you will have to get along with is the lack of a panoramic view from the windows.

About the benefits. Apartments on the lower floors are cheaper and you can save a significant amount. Delivery of goods, especially bulky goods, also occurs at a reduced cost. You save time waiting for the elevator and can always go down or up the stairs. In case of an emergency evacuation, it is easier to leave the building from the lower floors.

Middle floors

That's the golden mean. These floors have always been popular. Here the price is already higher, but you get more comfort for it. The higher your home is located in a large city, the greater the sense of privacy it can give. Less noise, less harmful emissions and a more attractive view from the window. Even if the building is located in a not too picturesque area, a larger view, compared to the first floors, will have a positive effect on the psychological state. In addition, an apartment on the middle floors is still considered the best investment if you intend to resell it in the future.

The disadvantages compared to the lower floors include the need to use an elevator, because sometimes during rush hours you have to wait for it for quite a long time, even if several elevators are provided for a high-rise building. Regarding the last floor, the central part of the building cannot boast of full panoramic views and the absence of neighbors from above.

Upper floors

We have already written in detail about the advantages of high floors in the corresponding article, you can get acquainted with it at the link: . Here we briefly outline the advantages. First of all, these are the views from the windows, the general emotional state of the residents is really connected with them. The absence of neighbors from above, cleaner air, minimal noise and interesting layouts. Of course, square meters of such apartments are more expensive, but they are really worth it. Sign up for a consultation and come to the show in the buildings under construction to make sure of it yourself.