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What layout to choose in a new building

Tips for choosing an apartment in a new building
What layout to choose in a new building

To buy an apartment with a layout that will be convenient and comfortable for you and your family, you need to take into account the composition of the family and their needs. To properly organize the living space and use every meter of living space with benefit, the following rules will help you:

  • Do not allocate too large an area for the corridor and hall.
  • If the interior partition makes the kitchen very small, it is better to combine it with the living room.
  • It is necessary to optimally divide the living area of the apartment so that each family member is provided with personal space.
  • A sufficient amount of sunlight should get into the apartment, so it is better to choose housing with windows oriented to the south or adjacent directions.
  • Avoid apartments with sloping or semi-circular walls.

Consider the main types of layouts:

  • Traditional or classic apartment layout. This option is ideal for families with children, for people with different interests and daily routine. Most often, a larger room is used as a living room, and a smaller room is used as a bedroom. The advantage of traditional layouts is that the isolation of all rooms provides each occupant with a private, enclosed space.
  • A studio apartment is an apartment in which the living room, bedroom and kitchen form a single living space, with almost complete absence of partitions, and the zoning of the space is done with the help of decorative elements and furniture. Only the bathroom remains separated. Due to the absence of interior partitions, such a layout will be lighter and more spacious. The studio apartment is suitable for those who live alone and for young couples without children. In the case when more than one person lives in such an apartment, it is important to correctly zon the space so that the residents do not interfere with each other while going about their business. The bed should be located as far from the kitchen as possible and not visible when entering the apartment. You also need to allocate a workplace. This can be done using a rack or screen.
  • A smart apartment is an apartment with a total area of 20 to 30 square meters. This layout is ideal for one person living. This option is perfect for retirees, students and active young professionals who spend little time at home. Thoughtful zoning, modern transforming furniture and built-in household appliances make living in such an apartment comfortable and cozy.
  • Adjacent separate layout. Here, the living room and kitchen are combined into a studio, while the bedrooms remain isolated. This layout is relevant for apartments of any size. This is a versatile option that suits both young couples and families with children.

Choosing the ideal layout, first of all, think over the scenarios for using the apartment, analyze the habits and preferences of your family. This will help determine the basic requirements and make the right choice.