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Useful tips for real estate buyers - part 2

Useful tips for real estate buyers
Useful tips for real estate buyers - part 2

Today we offer you the second part of the tips for real estate buyers from our permanent section.

Meet the neighbors

There are two well-known sayings "Neighbors are not chosen" and "Do not buy a house, but choose a neighbor." We sincerely wish you not to fall under the influence of the first of them and use the wisdom of the second. Before buying an apartment on the secondary market, it will not be difficult to visit future neighbors and find out what kind of people they are. If the neighbors are problematic, harmful habits prevail in their lives, then it is better to abandon such an acquisition. In addition, you can learn a lot about the house from the tenants that the seller will not tell you. If the apartment is in a new building, then, most likely, you will not get dysfunctional neighbors. Nevertheless, we recommend getting to know the buyers of neighboring apartments in advance. Friendly and trusting relationships with neighbors will make both your and their living in a new house more comfortable. Discuss in advance the terms of repairs and periods of noisy work, which will reduce the degree of tension between you by an order of magnitude during this difficult time.

Be reasonable

Look for a catch where the terms of the deal seem too attractive to you. Do not succumb to the pressure of a realtor representing the seller's side. Carefully study the documents and, if possible, involve specialists in the execution of the transaction. As for houses under construction, it happens that a construction company takes on a project that in the end cannot be implemented. Thus, in the best case, the building becomes a long-term construction. Similar examples can be observed today among both large and small objects. Carefully study the reputation of the developer and his completed projects.

Ask more questions

Feel free to ask additional questions to the seller, realtor or sales manager. If your interlocutor is really confident in the quality and features of what he offers, he will be happy to give you a detailed consultation. And on the contrary, lengthy answers, evasion from them, promises like "Don't worry, everything will be fine" without confirmation by factual material and documents should alert you.

As always, we are waiting for you in the Central Sales Department and will be happy to answer all your questions by phone or in person.