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Storage systems in a small apartment

Storage options in a small apartment.
Storage systems in a small apartment

In a small apartment, the issue of competent organization of living space is very relevant. And how well everything is thought out depends not only on the appearance of the housing, but also on the comfort of its inhabitants. In this article, we will look at different options for storage systems in a small living space.

  • Hanging modules and shelves. A great option for storing books, accessories and souvenirs without using floor space. An interesting solution for the bedroom - shelves and storage compartments above and around the head of the bed. This option looks much more original than the usual combination of bed and bedside tables, besides, it solves the issue of storing books, blankets or bed linen. The shelves above the door and along its perimeter are also an exit; they can be used to place a home library or a collection of discs. In the kitchen, this rack will be a great place to store cookbooks, containers with supplies or utensils.
  • Built-in wardrobes. They allow you to use the space up to the ceiling. Everyday items are placed at the bottom, while the top can be used to store seasonal clothes and suitcases. If you equip such a cabinet with glass doors, it will help not only hide things, but also visually increase the space.
  • Convertible upholstered furniture. Upholstered furniture is also suitable for storing things. Choose models of beds, sofas, armchairs and poufs with internal drawers at the base. They can store not only bed linen, but also shoes, bags. And in the nursery, such a bed will serve for storing toys.
  • Zoning rooms with storage systems. In a small apartment, you can divide the space into functional blocks using an open rack up to the ceiling or a building partition with niches and shelves. This option looks very stylish and will allow you to use a minimum of space for storing a large number of things.
  • Duplex interior. In this case, the bed is located on top, and under it you can place a small dressing room, shelving or a desk. This is a good option for a nursery or student's room.
  • Storage systems in unexpected places. In unusual places, it is unlikely that it will be possible to equip spacious storage systems, but they are suitable for storing small and rarely used items. That will protect your interior from clutter. For example, you can equip the space along the windowsill with shelves. It is enough to hang an organizer for small items or a hanger on the door and it will become a great storage place. You can also use the window opening in the kitchen for storage by placing several shelves for dishes in it.

Boxes, containers and caskets of different sizes and shapes will help you make the most of your closet space and organize stylish storage on a rack or shelves. This is a simple and convenient option for organizing a large number of various little things.