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Scandinavian interior style

Description and tips for creating a Scandinavian interior style.
Scandinavian interior style

Today we will talk about one of the most interesting and popular styles in interior design — Scandinavian. The Scandinavian style of the interior developed under the influence of the geographical location and climatic features of the region. Cozy, lively and functional at the same time, it is perfect for apartments of any size. The main characteristic features of the Scandinavian style are natural materials, abundance of daylight, light colors, comfortable laconic furniture, bright decor and accessories.

Interior decoration

Simple and eco-friendly materials are used in the decoration of the premises. The walls and ceiling are most often painted white or covered with wallpaper of light tones with a geometric pattern. Tiles or porcelain stoneware are used for bathroom and kitchen flooring. In all other rooms, light wood (pine, beech or ash), parquet or laminate are used. Window frames and doorways should match the tone of the walls.

Color palette

In the Scandinavian interior, the main color is white, it combines all the elements of the interior into a single composition, visually enlarges the space and fills the room with light. You can also use light shades of gray, beige, and even black contrasting details. But the Scandinavian style cannot exist without bright color accents (yellow, blue, turquoise or green). It can be decorative elements or something from furniture. And in order not to overload the interior with polychrome, you need to use no more than one or two bright colors.


Filling the interior with furniture, do not forget that the Scandinavian style does not tolerate piling up, so all furniture should be functional and ergonomic, of moderate size and simple shapes. Do not cover the walls and floor with it too much. The upholstery uses leather, suede, linen, cotton and other fabrics with a pronounced texture. Wicker furniture and rattan accessories will also be appropriate.


For a Scandinavian interior, the maximum amount of natural light in the room is very important, so the windows should be large. Curtains are either missing or made of translucent fabrics. Much attention is also paid to artificial lighting. As a rule, it is multi-level and, in addition to the chandelier, includes a variety of lamps, floor lamps, sconces, LED lighting.

Decorative elements and accessories

Textiles and decorative items will help to place bright accents in the monochrome palette of the interior. Bright sofa cushions, blankets, quilts, napkins, ottomans, rugs — all made of natural materials (cotton, linen, satin). Glass vases, mirrors, candlesticks, figurines, colored lampshades, original hangers, straw and clay crafts, baskets and chests made of vines, dishes with motifs with natural motifs add home comfort. The carpet is a familiar attribute of the Scandinavian interior. Carpet models with simple geometric patterns or fluffy long-pile ones will look good. The walls are decorated with paintings and posters with plant, animal or marine themes. Another important element of this style is indoor plants. Flower pots line up everywhere — on the floor, windowsill, shelves and tables.

Relevance of the style

The Scandinavian interior is alive, real and natural. There is nothing superfluous in it and, at the same time, it is filled with an abundance of things necessary in everyday life that give a feeling of warmth and comfort. Thoughtful organization of space, convenient storage systems and modular furniture allow you to maximize the use of the entire area of the apartment. This is a really comfortable interior style that will suit most modern houses or apartments.