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Interesting facts about construction - part 5

The Intercontinental Shanghai Wonderland is a paradise on the site of an abandoned quarry
Interesting facts about construction - part 5

A few years ago, on the site of an abandoned quarry formed as a result of stone mining, a unique hotel was opened - Intercontinental Shanghai Wonderland. The hotel is located in the Songjiang district, just fifty kilometers from the center of Shanghai.

The building has a total of 18 floors, of which the top 2 are above ground level, and the bottom two are underwater. In the elevated part of the hotel there is a conference hall for up to 1000 people, a large hall for celebrations, as well as restaurants and cafes. On the underwater floors there is a restaurant overlooking the aquarium, and 337 residential rooms are located on 14 floors between these zones.

The building was designed by the British company InterContinental Hotels Group, which received a nomination for an award at the World Architecture Festival in 2009. In addition, Chinese investors allocated 555 million US dollars for the implementation of the project. The development of the concept of the building, in turn, was taken up by JADE + QA, headed by Martin Jokhman.

“When working on the idea of the hotel, I started, first of all, from the natural environment of the quarry, and also relied on the basic principles of Taoism. The building and the quarry that surrounds it had to be perfectly balanced as a yin yang symbol,” Johman said.

Several highlights of the hotel became the embodiment of this idea at once: the surface of the quarry was turned into a lake, and several hanging gardens were laid out on the roof. Between the gardens and the lake, a 60-meter vertical glass atrium was erected, symbolizing a waterfall. Also, on the territory of the hotel there are many sports areas, including both classic sports grounds and places for extreme sports.

Of course, the use of abandoned industrial facilities for commercial purposes is not new, but such a rethinking of the space of a former quarry can become an impetus for the construction of such buildings not only in China.