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Infrastructure in a new building

Infrastructure in a new building

When buying an apartment in a new building, investors are interested not only in the characteristics of the apartment itself, but also in the development of the external and internal infrastructure of the whole house. It is not surprising, because the comfort and quality of life of the residents depends on this aspect. Let's consider what parameters of infrastructural development you should pay attention to when choosing an apartment in a new building.

External infrastructure next to the new building

The presence of socially significant objects and transport accessibility of the area is the first thing to pay attention to when choosing housing. An important criterion will be the presence of stops and metro stations near the house, as well as traffic congestion. Within walking distance from the house there should be kindergartens and schools, children's and sports grounds, medical institutions, a pharmacy, a bank, supermarkets and shopping and entertainment centers, beauty salons and sports complexes, cafes, restaurants and other recreation areas. For those who go in for sports, it is important to have a place for jogging, outdoor fitness equipment, mini-stadiums for team games, and a fitness center. Also a significant advantage is the presence of a public garden, park or embankment not far from the house.

Internal infrastructure of the new building

Usually, modern new buildings have a very developed internal infrastructure. It includes: Security and safety systems, engineering communications, fire safety systems, underground and surface parking, freight and passenger elevators, playgrounds and sports grounds in the adjacent territory, green spaces, squares, walking alleys and recreation areas.

If you buy an apartment in a residential complex, then quite often socially significant and entertainment facilities will be provided on its territory, so that every resident can get everything he needs without leaving the complex. The lower floors of the complex accommodate supermarkets, pharmacies, fitness centers and sports complexes, children's entertainment and development centers, a swimming pool, beauty salons, clinics, etc.

The development of external and internal infrastructure significantly affects the cost of housing. Therefore, it is important to determine which criteria are important for you and how much this or that new building and its infrastructure is right for you. This is one of the main questions when choosing a home, on which the quality of life and your comfort depend.