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Ideal apartment for remote work

Tips for choosing an apartment for teleworking
Ideal apartment for remote work

Quarantine is over, but not all employees are in a hurry to return to the office. Many companies and employees have concluded that remote work can be much more efficient and comfortable, and the costs of maintaining an office and equipment are significantly reduced. However, it turned out that not every home is suitable for a remote location. Let's figure out what the apartment of a remote employee or freelancer should be like.


Many have experienced for themselves how uncomfortable it is to work in their own bedroom, which is absolutely not designed for this. Huddle on a small table with a laptop and ignore relatives at all costs. The ideal solution to the problem is a separate office. It is better to think about it even at the stage of choosing an apartment. This can be a small room that the developer has planned or a room that you create yourself by separating it from the rest of the area with partitions. It is good to have a large table in your study. Shelves for books, documents and other little things can be placed above it. The presence of a window and a sofa for relaxation will also not be superfluous. But the main thing is that you can retire, change your environment from home to work.


Most often, work offices are located in developed areas of the city. In such places, everything is at hand - supermarkets, beauty salons, cafes, fitness centers and more. You get used to it. Moving to remote work, I want all these attributes of modern life to remain within walking distance. Therefore, it is worth choosing buildings located in such areas. Make sure that there are kindergartens and schools nearby if you have children of school and preschool age.

More movement

Remote work is, in the overwhelming majority of cases, working at a computer. And a sedentary lifestyle, as you know, is not very useful. Therefore, we recommend that you make sure that there is at least a minimum set of simulators at home. Usually a wall bar with a horizontal bar and removable bars and a bicycle or elliptical trainer are enough. This set can be supplemented with dumbbells or rubber loops. Not everyone can afford frequent visits to the gym. Often there is simply not enough time for this. But keeping yourself in shape at home, in principle, an hour of daily exercise is enough.

In free time

Don't forget to rest! It happens that working at home, a person loses the sense of time, sits in front of the monitor for 16 hours a day. Yes, that certainly has an advantage when the deadline is close. But try to ration your working hours on other days. To get away from working hours, you just need to radically change the situation. This will help the parks and squares located nearby. Try to walk every day.

New times dictate new conditions. The attitude towards housing is also changing. Now it's not just a place where you come to sleep in the evening. A modern apartment is a space where you can spend almost all your time without discomfort. Work, play, play sports or your favorite hobby.