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How to plan lighting in an apartment

Tips for planning lighting in an apartment
How to plan lighting in an apartment

The comfort of your home depends a lot on well-designed lighting. With the help of lamps, chandeliers, sconces and floor lamps, you can emphasize all the advantages of your interior and hide flaws, decorate each room harmoniously and functionally. Therefore, the choice of lighting devices must be taken very seriously.

Lighting can be general (a chandelier or a grid of built-in lamps on the ceiling), directional (table lamps, floor lamps, pendant lamps), decorative (lighting devices that do not perform a practical function, but place accents in the interior, for example, illumination of niches, built-in lamps in floor). The choice of the type of lighting depends on the functional purpose of the room and on the preferences of the apartment owners.

In the hallway, the lack of sunlight will have to be made up for with bright lighting. Recessed ceiling lights are ideal for general lighting. Wall sconces near the mirror and cabinet lighting will also come in handy.

It is better to use all types of lighting in the living room. The overhead light creates an overall impression, making the interior more sophisticated. But it is important not to overdo it with it, as too bright lighting will be annoying and make any flaws in the situation noticeable. In the recreation and reading area, you need to install a floor lamp, special reading lamps or sconces. And for bookshelves, paintings and niches, spot decorative lighting is perfect. In the living room, it is worth installing dimmers that will adjust the brightness of the lighting.

As a rule, in the kitchen, the work surface and the dining area are illuminated. Recessed lights along kitchen cabinets, lights above the countertop and a separate light above the table are good options. Another lamp can be installed in the hood above the stove. Do not forget about safety - all switches must be protected from moisture.

In the bedroom, comfort is important, everything here should be conducive to relaxation. Therefore, it does not need bright lighting. Here you can install lamps or reading lamps by the bed, you will also need cabinet and mirror lighting.

The nursery should be well lit. General lighting is a must, and table lamps or pendant lights must be installed in study and play areas. To add coziness, you can decorate the room with decorative garlands or nightlights.

Recessed ceiling lights and mirror wall sconces are great bathroom solutions. Here, just like in the kitchen, it is important to protect all electrical equipment and provide special sockets and switches that are protected from splashes and steam.

It is important to think in advance about the number and location of lighting fixtures in each room, since the wiring is installed during the rough finish and if at the end of the repair you want to add a lighting or a lamp, it will be expensive.