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How to make two rooms from one room

Room zoning options
How to make two rooms from one room

It happens that the owners of large living rooms have a desire or even a need to divide it into two spaces — to combine it with a kitchen, a bedroom, a nursery or an office. There are many design techniques to achieve this result. In this article, we will introduce you to the most successful solutions.

Drywall partition

Thanks to the wide possibilities of drywall, we have the opportunity to create quite interesting and practical designs that do not overload the space too much. Of course, it is possible to make a full-fledged wall from it, but this option will be justified only if you have a really large room of 20 m2. Using a partition, try to make it as easy as possible. To do this, you can add through shelves-racks, light windows.

Mobile partition or screen

The lightweight design of the screen will help not only to effectively zone the room, but also not to overload it too much. A folding or sliding screen will comfortably cover your bedroom, office or dressing room. Glass with variable transparency will be an excellent material for a mobile partition.

A curtain

A thick curtain, as well as possible, is suitable for separating the living room from the sleeping area. A hidden cornice and a fabric to match the interior from the ceiling to the floor is an ideal option. This modification requires a minimum of costs, but it looks very impressive and quite copes with the task.

Shelving or cabinet

The elements of frame furniture will help to fully divide the room into two zones, preserving the maximum of useful space. It can be a cabinet or a rack-dual-use items. In addition to the fact that they are a stationary more reliable barrier, they will store your clothes and other things.

Bar counter

This decision to separate the kitchen and living room has already become a classic. Sometimes it makes sense to functionally combine a bar counter with a working kitchen surface. This will additionally save space. Do not forget about the lighting of the counter. The correct location of spotlights will help to further place emphasis on the delimitation of space.

Horizontal zoning

If the height of the room allows, then you can add another floor level in the room, the so-called podium. On the second floor of this design, a sleeping place or a small study will be perfectly located. To create additional comfort, use a fabric curtain. On the lower level, place storage boxes, a wardrobe or even a dressing room.

Zoning due to finishing

The living room can be divided into a play area and a recreation area by finishing the room, flooring and using different styles in furniture. Of course, placing a baby cot in the same space with a shared sofa and TV is not the best solution. However, it is quite possible to allocate a place for games, home activities and things of the child.

Use these examples, experiment with interior elements and materials and you will definitely get an interesting, unique and functional space in which everyone will find their own cozy corner.