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How to make a dark apartment brighter

Tips for furnishing and decorating apartments with insufficient lighting.
How to make a dark apartment brighter

It is uncomfortable and uncomfortable in a dark apartment with insufficient natural light. Lack of sunlight greatly affects the physical, psychological and emotional well-being of residents. But this is not a reason to despair. Here are some simple tips to make your dark apartment brighter and more spacious.


If you have a poorly lit apartment, you should not choose large and dark furniture, as well as overload the living space with a lot of it. It is important to carefully consider the arrangement so that everything is in its place and does not interfere with the spread of sunlight. Give preference to light and light furniture with high legs. Pay attention to items with glass or mirror inserts.

Textiles and accessories

Decorative accessories and textiles bring coziness and individuality to the interior, but in a room with a lack of natural light, there should not be many of them. Do not load the walls with a large number of paintings and photographs; mirrors of any shape and size and a couple of canvases will be enough. Mirrors, in general, are simply necessary in a dark apartment. They always look advantageous and, due to reflections, make the room larger and brighter. It is better to leave the windows as open as possible so that nothing interferes with the penetration of sunlight. Don't clutter windowsills with flowers or any other accessories. And no heavy curtains, it is better to decorate the windows with light tulle or organza. If the flooring in the apartment is of dark colors, lay a light carpet, it will make the interior softer and more comfortable. For dark-colored upholstered furniture, buy light-colored covers or bedspreads. Bright pillows are also perfect, just do not overdo it with their number, a couple of pieces will be enough.


There should be a lot of light sources in a dark apartment. Use chandeliers, recessed spotlights, sconces, table lamps, floor lamps, and decorative lighting. Central lighting alone will not be enough. Install a floor lamp or sconce in the sitting and reading area. And in order to highlight certain elements of the interior (paintings, photographs, niches or shelves with books), decorative spot lighting is suitable. Install dimmers to regulate the brightness of the lighting. The abundance of light will help to visually increase the volume of the room and create the right mood.

Color accents

For basic surfaces, in limited natural light, you should give preference to pastel colors. And so that the interior does not become boring and impersonal, place color accents with decorative accessories, textiles or some piece of furniture.