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How to equip an apartment for rent

Useful tips for arranging an apartment for rent
How to equip an apartment for rent

Today, many people buy real estate not for themselves, but as an investment, so the issue of arranging an apartment for rent is very relevant. In this article, we'll look at how to make an apartment attractive for a tenant and recoup the investment.

Decoration Materials

For an apartment for rent, materials you need to choose wear-resistant materials that do not require complex maintenance and lend themselves well to restoration. Washable paint, decorative plaster or paintable wallpaper are suitable for walls. External corners should be reinforced with aluminum dies or corners embedded in the plaster. Optimal flooring options include quartz vinyl tiles, commercial linoleum, durable laminate, tile and porcelain stoneware. You can safely choose a plastic plinth, stretch ceilings, and interior doors - the most affordable, light shades. You should not save on communications, electrical and plumbing, potential tenants pay attention to them first of all. In addition, poor-quality engineering solutions will lead not only to a quick replacement of wires and pipes, but also to possible leaks, which will turn into serious problems with neighbors.

Color solution

For an apartment for rent, a neutral interior in light colors is best suited, which residents themselves will fill with accessories according to their taste preferences. For basic surfaces, choose white, beige, light gray and cream shades. They are combined with all color accents and make the space visually wider and cleaner. So that the interior does not seem impersonal, you can add contrasting shades with the help of textiles, furniture or decoration elements.


Limit yourself to the minimum set of things, buy only the essentials: a kitchen set, a dining table, a sofa for the living room, a bed for a bedroom, a wardrobe. For the kitchen, choose glossy facades, they are more durable than matte ones. Furniture should be modern and durable, but budget. Bulky furniture should be abandoned in favor of mobile, and the rearrangement is easier to do and you can not be afraid of damage to the flooring. Choose sofas with a storage compartment for linen. To make the apartment look lighter and more spacious, it is better not to hang dark thick curtains.

Cleaning and renovating the interior shouldn't be time-consuming and expensive. Therefore, choose unpretentious and easily washable finishing materials and furniture. For sofas and armchairs, use removable covers and textiles that are easy to machine wash. The presence of glass surfaces in the interior should be minimized.

We hope these tips will help you avoid additional costs when renting an apartment. We wish you a profitable investment and adequate tenants!