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How to choose a repair team?

Tips on choosing a repair team
How to choose a repair team?

Repairs in an apartment or a private house are definitely not the procedure that you want to carry out often, therefore it is logical to approach the choice of builders as carefully as possible. It is the professional level of these people that will determine your comfort in the next few years and the amount you will spend right now. So how do you find a construction team that can do all the work efficiently and on time?

Of course, as in any field of activity, customer reviews and word of mouth are of great importance. So if someone you know is lucky enough to find good builders, then you can just contact them. But what if you don't have such acquaintances?

Where to look for workers?

The network has ads from both private craftsmen and construction companies. In the first case, you can save a little — a private master does not bear the costs that the company has and, often, does not pay taxes. But there is another side of the coin — the qualifications of such workers are difficult to verify. It is even more difficult to bring a would-be employee to legal responsibility in the case of poorly done work or to find a replacement for workers who suddenly "fell ill" after receiving the first advance.

In the second case, you will have to pay more, but a huge plus of cooperation with construction companies is that they work in the legal field. This means that they can be held accountable and receive compensation in case of delay in the delivery of the next stage of repair, marriage or fulfillment of warranty obligations. Also, the masters in the company usually specialize in performing certain types of work, which means they are more competent than the so-called generalists.

How to conclude a contract?

Repair is a financially costly process, replete with a variety of pitfalls, therefore, whether you hire a foreman yourself or contact the company, you need to draw up a contract. What points should I pay attention to first of all:

  • Clearly defined deadlines for the repair work and the penalty that you are required to pay in case of violation.
  • A complete list of works, starting from dismantling and ending with interior decoration.
  • Obligations to perform work in accordance with quality standards.
  • The type of calculation is for prepayment or upon completion of the work.

Usually such works are divided into several stages: dismantling, communications, installation of partitions, floor filling, wall and ceiling finishing, finishing. As a rule, the work is paid in stages, regardless of whether you will pay after the end of the work or by prepayment.

Who to talk to if you have any questions about the quality of repairs?

All issues are best solved with the foreman. If it seems to you that the walls are made unevenly, let him know about it. The foreman is least interested in delaying the delivery of the object, so the problem will be solved quickly, promptly and, most importantly, without your participation.

And finally, it is better to control all stages of construction, from making estimates and purchasing materials to the delivery of the object, because the warranty period will end sometime and you will have to correct the builders' mistakes at your own expense. So, before starting the repair, it is worth familiarizing yourself with construction technologies and orienting yourself in the materials used.

Recall that the company Builder-P can help with the selection of specialists. To get a consultation, you need to call the Central Sales Department by numbers:

+38 (066) 22-111-22
+38 (068) 22-111-22