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Features of modern buildings of the Dnipro

Detailed description of modern buildings of the Dnipro
Features of modern buildings of the Dnipro

Every year the number of apartments in the primary market is increasing. High competition encourages developers to build luxury buildings, taking into account the most demanding customer requirements. Now, for an investor, an apartment is not just walls and a roof. Everything is important: developed external and internal infrastructure, landscaped surrounding areas, beautiful and clean internal rooms, modern security and energy saving systems, safe elevators, internal and external communal networks.

Modern construction technologies

The use of modern technology can significantly reduce the process of building a building and reduce financial and labor costs. The most popular construction technology is monolithic frame. Houses built using this technology have increased strength and can withstand earthquakes of magnitude up to 8 points.

Advantages of monolithic frame houses:

  • durability
  • strength
  • any floor plans
  • short construction time

Non-bearing surfaces are made of aerated concrete. It also has several advantages:

  • high fire safety
  • environmental friendliness
  • simplicity of laying and increase in speed of construction
  • high thermal insulation qualities

Energy saving

The term "energy efficiency" means the economically justified and rational use of energy resources, taking into account the latest achievements of engineering and technology. Getting maximum energy efficiency at home is achieved mainly by reducing heat loss. According to studies, when operating an ordinary house, up to 45% of heat is lost. In order to minimize heat loss and to seal the building as much as possible, the following energy-saving measures are carried out:

  • installation of double-glazed windows with enhanced heat-shielding properties
  • selection of optimal thickness and quality materials for building envelopes
  • thermal insulation of the facade, roof, ceilings, basement
  • for insulation of walls, material based on mineral wool several tens of centimeters thick is used
  • installation of modern heating and ventilation systems

The use of energy-saving technologies and new engineering systems leads to an increase in prices per square meter of housing by 5 - 8%, but due to a decrease in heat energy consumption, utility bills for heating are reduced by more than 2 times, and in some cases costs fall by 4 times.

Free layouts

Thanks to the introduction of monolithic-frame construction technology, it became possible to create apartments with free layouts. Such an apartment is a free space with load-bearing walls and utilities for the kitchen and bathroom. The buyer can zoning the apartment according to his needs and wishes. Due to the fact that the boundaries of rooms are not outlined in apartments with free layouts, you do not need to spend time on bureaucratic red tape and coordinate the redevelopment.

Security system

The security system is thought out by the developer at the stage of developing a new building project. Depending on the class of the object, a set of security systems and measures is formed. The security system of apartments in modern new buildings has the following structure:

  • perimeter fence
  • barrier at the entrance with a guard post
  • 24 hour security patrol
  • video surveillance system
  • access system
  • concierge
  • fire, gas or water leak detectors
  • video intercom
  • signaling

Panoramic glazing

The view from the window significantly affects the cost of the apartment. Therefore, at present, panoramic glazing is becoming more and more popular and in demand. In such a room, a completely special atmosphere is created, as the interior of the apartment and the landscape outside the window become one. This makes apartments with huge windows incredibly popular, regardless of the number of storeys. Advantages of panoramic glazing:

  • presentable and stylish appearance of the building
  • scenic views
  • maximum natural illumination of the room
  • visually increases the size of the room
  • thanks to modern manufacturing technologies, they keep heat in the house and protect from external noise
  • special high-strength glass and anti-vandal systems protect windows from breaking

Developed infrastructure

Today, when buying a home, people pay attention not only to the number of storeys of the apartment and its layout, but also to the choice of a comfortable environment in which there will be everything necessary for life and relaxation. In modern LCDs, the daily needs of future residents are taken into account and any service can be obtained without leaving the complex. On the territory of many new buildings there are supermarkets, cafes, restaurants, coffee houses, centers for preschool development, private clinics, beauty salons and spa complexes, bank branches, fitness centers, children's and sports grounds. The complex is being improved by the territorial executive body. His responsibilities include maintenance of the house and the local area.

The concept of «a yard without cars»

The concept of «a yard without cars»” frees the local area from the spontaneous pile of cars. A well-maintained and safe courtyard without cars, with gazebos, alleys, green spaces, children's and sports grounds increases the profitability of the new building. There are several ways to implement this concept:

  • parking lot around the residential complex and closed entrance to the courtyard
  • multi-level underground parking with ramps
  • yard on stylobate. The stylobate is wider in area than residential buildings, so recreation areas are equipped in free space. Its height is at least one floor, due to which the access of cars to the territory is closed.

Gardening of the local area

Another advantage of modern residential complexes is the maximum landscaping of the local area. Walking alleys, park areas with gazebos, lawns and flower beds, children's and sports grounds are arranged on the territory of the residential complex. Due to the difficult environmental situation in big cities, green areas are simply necessary. They not only make the air cleaner, but also significantly improve the appearance of the complex. A comfortable living space, with a beautiful landscape design and well-maintained common areas, becomes a real competitive advantage for the developer.

Extended capabilities

Recently, in order to surprise and attract investors, developers began to create projects with innovative architectural and landscape solutions. New buildings with large open terraces appear, on which green areas and leisure places are arranged. On the roofs are equipped with spa complexes, swimming pools, restaurants or park areas.


In this article, we talked about the most relevant trends that developers use in the construction of modern residential complexes. And they described the main advantages that an investor gets when buying an apartment in the new Dnipro buildings.