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Advantages of warm infrared floors

Description and characteristics of infrared underfloor heating
Advantages of warm infrared floors

Until recently, the concept of underfloor heating meant a bulky construction of water pipes filled with concrete screed. Such a floor, although it has some advantages over traditional central heating radiators, is still not deprived of significant disadvantages, such as, for example, the complexity of installation and the likelihood of leaks. But times are changing, technologies are developing, and today film infrared heaters are already available on the market of heating devices, with the help of which it is possible to quickly and safely mount an economical and efficient room heating system. As already mentioned, this material is quite new and therefore little is known about it to a wide range of buyers. Let's figure out what the advantages of this technology are.

First of all, the peculiarity of infrared technology is that it heats directly the surfaces of objects on which the radiation is directed, without drying the air in the room. This advantage, by the way, is suitable for living rooms, where the humidity of the air is far from the last value. The infrared floor has a low thermal inertia, which allows you to reach the necessary comfortable temperature in the house as quickly as possible.

The main advantage of IR films is the simplicity and speed of installation, the possibility of installing them in almost any premises without the need for concrete work. If laminate is used as a floor covering, then you will only need to add a heat-insulating coating to the primary floor, lay heating elements and immediately install laminate panels or parquet on top of them. Keep in mind that it is better to avoid places under future stationary furniture for laying the film. If you intend to use other coatings, we recommend that you consult with a specialist, which brand of a particular material is suitable for installation on a warm floor.

It is impossible not to mention the difference in price for such an attractive technology. The cost of a set of infrared underfloor heating, as well as the cost of installation, will be significantly lower than the equipment and installation of a cable or water heating system. Heating costs will also be lower compared to many other systems, because the efficiency of IR panels exceeds 80%.

Infrared underfloor heating can be a good solution for installation in the apartments of our residential complexes, since at the time of delivery of the object there has already been a finishing screed.