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A living room that your guests will remember

Living room decoration tips
A living room that your guests will remember

The living room in the apartment is not only a place where you can relax with the whole family, but also a room for receiving guests. In this article, we will try to provide some tips for those who want their living room to be both comfortable and effective.

Main background

Most often, modern interior designers recommend toning the walls and ceiling of the living room in pastel warm and light colors. Most opinions agree that this will give the room a sense of spaciousness and tranquility. In such an atmosphere, residents and guests will feel more comfortable and can truly relax. Do not use more than three primary colors for large surfaces. Of course, there are always exceptions, and in some cases, the design of the living room in dark colors looks good. But for such experiments, it is still better to turn to a professional designer.


An inexpensive, but at the same time, very effective solution that will make your living room visually larger and more attractive is the placement of curtains from ceiling to floor over the entire height of the room. It is better to select the tone of the curtains according to the wall palette. Too bright curtains will take a lot of attention, and dark ones will noticeably weigh down the space around the window.


Correctly selected carpet plays an important role in the interior of the living room. It will add coziness and warmth to even a very spacious room. With its help, you can effectively zone the space, separating the recreation area from the rest of the area. The priority is on durable carpets of uniform color.


Probably, this is the main task that needs to be solved when decorating a living room. Here you should take into account the size and shape of the room, the number of windows, the presence of a fireplace, etc. Try to choose furniture proportional to the size of your room. Do not try to fit too many objects by placing furniture close to each other, leave enough "air". Do not forget that people move around a lot or prefer to spend time standing up within the living room. Give them that opportunity. The large living room allows you to place two sofas one opposite the other with a table between them. It is better to place sofas perpendicular to the TV or fireplace, the opposite side can be occupied by an armchair. This is a very practical solution. In a small living room, you will have to get by with a small sofa and ottomans or small armchairs on both sides of the table.


Place the TV not in front of a window, the glare from which may interfere with comfortable viewing. Calculate the correct distance from the TV to the audience. This is at least 1.6 m for a 40 "screen, 2 m for a 50" and about 2.5 - 3 m for a 65 "TV. We do not recommend placing the TV at an angle. It is best to hang it at eye level on a wall or on a dresser.


Décor can dramatically enliven the living room and highlight the interests of the owners. As a decor, you can use paintings, photographs, a rack with books, trinkets and souvenirs. Do not overdo it. Too many small items can create a disturbing sense of chaos.


The living room is a multifunctional room, so there should be several lighting modes for different situations. Bright light for noisy companies, dimmed for a calm atmosphere of friendly conversations, or almost no light for creating an intimate atmosphere. Lighting can also be used to zone the space. For example, you can make some small lights above the snack tables. They will come in handy when you want to immerse your guests in the twilight to watch your favorite movie.

Combining with the kitchen

Both small and spacious living rooms are often combined with the kitchen. To make the living room look harmonious, it is important to properly divide the room, separating the recreation area from the cooking area. For this, shelving, high-backed sofas, or simply wall, floor and ceiling decoration techniques may be suitable. Be sure to use a powerful range hood so that the smells from the kitchen do not bother your guests.

Experiment with these tips and you will definitely be able to create your own unique, cozy and memorable living room.