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5 main principles of an ideal children's room

Tips for decorating a nursery
5 main principles of an ideal children's room

For every child, his first room is a magical space from which he begins his acquaintance with the world around him. The development of the baby and his future largely depends on what this space will be. Therefore, it is extremely important to pay enough attention to the arrangement of the nursery and to take this matter seriously.

The position of the nursery in the apartment

Before you start arranging a room for a child, you need to decide which of the rooms is most suitable for this. First of all, you should pay attention to the fact that it has a maximum of natural light, low noise level and sufficient air temperature. The room must have a large childproof window. It is advisable to choose the east or south-east side of the building, if possible. It must be remembered that the humidity and temperature in the nursery should be higher than required for normal rooms. This is 22-24 ° C and 65-70%, respectively.

Artificial lighting

Like natural light, artificial light also plays an important role. Several light sources should be present in the room. The central, moderately bright light source can be a small chandelier or lamp. You can use interesting designer chandeliers in the form of themed toys. An obligatory element is a table lamp. It should be bright with white light, without deviating into warm or cold tones. A night light near the bed will also be useful. It should give a soft, but at the same time, sufficient light for evening reading.

Color palette

Choose colors carefully for your child's room. Saturated aggressive shades should be discarded immediately, even if this is the signature color of your favorite superhero. Pastel calm colors of light orange, dirty blue, pistachio, herbal shades will be more appropriate here. We would not recommend using red or pink, even if it is a princess room. Better to choose beige shades. Small contrasting elements of the same pink color are acceptable.

Room zoning

Zoning is perhaps the most important technique. It is worth delimiting the area for sleep and relaxation, study and creativity, games and entertainment. The best way to achieve the desired result is zoning with furniture.

Furniture for children

First of all, furniture must be practical. A good solution would be transforming furniture. It will increase the free space that babies need so much. The child will need a work desk in the study area, which can be placed under the loft bed if desired. It is also advisable to hang several shelves or put a rack for books and small things. It is good if the room will have a play area with a Swedish wall. A wardrobe is also required. You can add a chest of drawers where bed linen and personal belongings of the child will be stored. The bed should have a good orthopedic mattress.

Of course, you cannot decide what the decoration of the room of a teenage child will be on your own. Make a joint decision that does not contradict useful rules and, at the same time, suits the occupant of the room.