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10 tips for interior design of a small apartment

Useful tips for decorating small apartments
10 tips for interior design of a small apartment

In this article, we have outlined several basic rules for the interior design of small apartments, following which you will make your home cozy and interesting. When designing an interior design in a small apartment, it is necessary to remember the main thing — all the interior details in such a room should be aimed at visually increasing the space.

1. Redevelopment

If you are a happy owner of an apartment in a new building, a great solution would be to make a redevelopment. The most important thing is to carefully think over the layout so that it is as functional as possible and meets the needs of your family. Thus, it is possible to combine several rooms into one large one, and the zoning of the room is carried out with the help of color contrasts, lighting, light partitions or shelving. Conventional doors can be replaced with sliding doors, they take up very little space and are almost invisible in the interior.

2. Single floor covering

To create a sense of a single space and visually increase the volume of the premises, you can put one floor covering for the entire apartment on the floor. If you want to diversify the materials for finishing the floor in different rooms, you need them to match in color and tone.

3. Interesting color solutions

The opinion that a white ceiling and light-colored walls increase the volume of the room is no longer relevant. Bright colors, deep shades and interesting prints will make the interior more expressive. The main thing is to carefully select the palette. All the colors in the interior should be harmoniously combined with each other.

4. Wall decoration

The use of a variety of materials and textures in the wall decoration allows you to create a truly spectacular interior. This is especially important in a small apartment. The more interesting the interior is, the less attention will be paid to the size of the apartment. Therefore, in small rooms, the designer's ability to create visual illusions is so important. You can decorate one wall with wallpaper with an original pattern or paint it with bright paint, and cover the other three and the ceiling with pastel shades. Such an emphasis will distract attention from the size of the room. You can visually increase the ceiling height by using wallpaper with a vertical stripe and other geometric vertically oriented patterns.

5. Inconspicuous storage systems

In a small apartment, the correct organization of storage is very important. To use the space as efficiently as possible, you should opt for hidden storage systems. A large built-in wardrobe is a great option. In order for the cabinet to merge with the decor, paint it in the color of the walls. Another interesting approach is hanging cabinets under the ceiling. They allow you to use the space vertically. In the niche, you can also equip a cabinet with a large number of drawers for your things. To store things that you rarely use, make a mezzanine. A good place for storage will be the space under the sofa or bed.

6. Lighting

There should be a lot of light sources in a small apartment. Use built-in lamps, LED lighting, table lamps, sconces. The abundance of light will visually increase the volume of the room. Do not use too large chandeliers, they reduce the ceiling level and emphasize the limited space. It is also worth giving up floor lamps, so as not to clutter up the space on the floor.

7. Furniture selection

When decorating the interior of a small apartment, you should not try to squeeze a large number of items into a limited area. Think carefully about which pieces of furniture you need, and which you can refuse. Preference should be given to built-in and multifunctional furniture. There is no need to fill the apartment with a large amount of small-sized furniture. Such furniture, even if it takes up less space, is not too practical. It is better to choose several large items, but of a simple shape. It is also important to carefully consider the placement of furniture so that everything is in its place and does not interfere with movement around the apartment.

8. Mirrors

Mirrors are simply necessary in a small space. They always look advantageous in the interior and visually increase the room due to reflections. Therefore, one mirror in the apartment should not be limited to. You can make the entire wall mirrored, hide the facades of cabinets behind mirrored doors or choose furniture with mirror inserts.

9. Window decoration

Another way to make the room visually larger is to install a cornice along the entire wall and under the ceiling itself. And to make the room elegant and elegant, you should choose beautiful high-quality curtains in the floor. The cornice should be in the color of the walls or ceiling, so as not to catch the eye.

10. Decorative elements and accessories

Decorative elements and accessories are also important. They attract attention and allow you to correctly place accents. But the decor should be individual. Do not fill your apartment with a mass of meaningless trinkets. Decorate your interior with items that are really dear to your heart, will delight and fill with positive emotions every day.