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Zoning of rooms. Basic rules and techniques.

Basic rules and techniques for zoning premises.
Zoning of rooms. Basic rules and techniques.

One of the advantages of modern new buildings is free planning. And if you become the owner of an apartment with a clean layout, do not rush to build walls. Use such a decorative technique as zoning. Zoning is the division of a living space into functional zones that meet the basic needs and lifestyle of the owner of the apartment. With its help, you can create a modern interior, and the absence of major partitions will make the room more spacious and bright, thanks to the unhindered access of sunlight from the windows.

Zoning rules

In order not to lose the feeling of spaciousness, do not overload the room with unnecessary furniture, appliances and decor items. Discard bulky massive products. The best option would be to choose built-in or transformable furniture.
Each functional area should have its own light source: a chandelier in the living room, a pendant lamp above the dining area, a sconce in the bedroom, a wall or table lamp above the working area, a lampshade in the reading and relaxation area. Light helps to zone the room and makes it visually larger.
Since privacy and peace are needed in the bedroom, it is better to place it in the most remote part of the apartment.
Storage space should be hidden. You can equip a dressing room or built-in wardrobe.
A single color scheme should be chosen for the main bearing surfaces, and individual areas can be highlighted with color accents.

Zoning techniques

Decorative partitions and screens.
Sliding doors with translucent glass and partitions. This technique can be used to separate the living room and bedroom.
Using different materials, textures or colors on the walls and floor will highlight the desired area from the general neutral background.
Podium. Allows to separate one of the zones from the total volume of the room. It can also be used as additional storage space.
Curtains. Thanks to the large assortment of textile decor, you can choose curtains from a wide variety of materials that will harmoniously fit into any interior style.
Furniture. A shelving unit, sofa or chest of drawers will help to visually divide the space into two separate zones.

Remember that any zoning of rooms is aimed primarily at making you feel cozy and comfortable in your own home.