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What is important to do before installing the kitchen

Tips on the sequence of installing the kitchen
What is important to do before installing the kitchen

You have long dreamed of a new kitchen, reviewed dozens of sites and hundreds of photos on them. We collected a lot of ideas, selected the ones you liked, decided on colors and materials. We thought, as it seems to you, everything to the smallest detail and are ready to order a kitchen set. Do not hurry. To get started, check out a few tips to help you avoid common mistakes and save you time and money.

Exact dimensions

Errors in measuring the premises can lead to not too pleasant consequences. Some elements of your new kitchen may simply not fit and will have to be redone. And these are additional costs. Therefore, we recommend ordering measurements in the salon where you buy the kitchen or in the workshop where it will be made to order. Of course, the second option is preferable, where the furniture will be made specifically for your needs. It is also better to consult with an interior designer and foreman about how the room can change if the order of furniture occurs in the course of renovation or design work. If you buy a kitchen over the Internet, then try to make measurements yourself as carefully as possible, taking into account all the nuances and with a small margin.

Preliminary sketch

It will be very helpful if you make your own sketch of what the kitchen will look like in advance. This will help when communicating with a designer or consultant in a furniture showroom. Most likely, the eye of a professional will notice the flaws in your drawing, suggest some changes, and the final project will look different, more thoughtful and functional. But such a sketch is a good starting point from which to start discussing the future kitchen.

Built-in appliances and electrics

Decide on the models of household appliances in advance, use their dimensions when designing your future kitchen. Be sure to think about how the hood will be installed and how it will not be connected to the ventilation hole. Use special boxes to hide the corrugation from the hood. An electrician is where you should start your kitchen renovation. Therefore, plan in detail how the equipment will be connected, how many sockets you need for additional small devices, where the lights and switches will be located. You can read more about this in the article "How to properly plan the position of sockets in an apartment."

Floor protection

The kitchen will be installed after major renovations have been completed, which include laying the flooring. Take care not to damage it during installation. No matter how careful furniture assemblers are, it will be quite difficult to do without moving cabinets, equipment, heavy tools. It is better to temporarily cover the floor with a protective film or even something like old linoleum.

Estimated delivery time

Consider the delivery time of the furniture. If you buy ready-made furniture from a warehouse, then it can be delivered literally within a couple of days. If the kitchen is made to order, then the delivery time is significantly increased and can be a month and a half, depending on the complexity of the structures, the availability of materials and the workload of the workshop. Plan your renovation in such a way that the kitchen is brought in just in time for the end of the work in the room where it will be located.

Planning is very important. If you think about everything in advance, then the kitchen will delight you with its beauty and convenience for many years. The height of the work surface and sink will suit your height, there will always be enough outlets, the switches will be in the right places, and the spices will be easy to reach.