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Security levels in modern new buildings

Overview of security levels in modern new buildings
Security levels in modern new buildings

Today, the issue of organizing a security system in new buildings is given a lot of attention by both developers and investors. Modern security systems provide protection against intruders and signal an emergency. The structure of the security system may differ depending on the class of the new building. So in the complexes of elite and business class, access control is carried out at every stage (the perimeter of the residential complex, the entrance to the entrance and the entrance to the apartment are protected). This is accomplished with:

  • Perimeter fencing. Due to the special arrangement of the buildings and a high fence or stylobate, access to the complex is open only to residents and their guests.
  • 24-hour security of the territory with patrolling. It is carried out by the employees of the private security company, with whom the management company concludes an agreement.
  • Video surveillance system. Video cameras are installed around the perimeter of the complex and in common areas (elevators, halls, stairs).
  • Barrier or gate with a security post. If there is an underground parking, an additional guard post is also installed there.
  • Passage system. Access control can be carried out using combination locks, electromagnetic cards, fingerprints, intercoms, video intercoms, machine recognition technology.
  • Alarm and communication channel with security in the apartment.
  • Alarm and fire alarm sensors: smoke detectors, gas and water alarms.

In comfort class houses, access to the entrance and to the apartment is controlled. Here, the set of parameters that ensure the protection of residents consists of a concierge post, a video intercom and a burglar alarm. The set of elements of the security system in economy class houses includes a reinforced entrance door to the staircase and a regular intercom.

Maintaining a high level of security significantly affects the amount of monthly utility bills. Not all buyers of new buildings are ready to pay for the work of expensive systems and structures, therefore the set of security parameters depends on the class of the object.

You can receive detailed advice on security issues in our residential complexes by calling: 068-22-111-22, 066-22-111-22.