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Panoramic glazing in new buildings

The advantages of panoramic glazing in new buildings
Panoramic glazing in new buildings

Panoramic windows are a type of glazing in which the window opening occupies from 60% to 100% of the wall area. There are also options when glass structures are mounted end-to-end, forming two or more adjacent transparent surfaces. Such glazing can no longer be called a novelty, but it does not lose its popularity either. On the contrary, more and more developers are trying to use panoramic windows in their projects.

Thanks to modern technology, this type of glazing has a number of advantages over traditional windows. Let's list them:

  • First of all, it is the increased insolation of the room. Panoramic windows let in the maximum amount of sunlight, which has a positive effect on health and mood.
  • Panoramic glazing visually expands the space. This makes it possible to apply interesting interior solutions, including using dark colors, without the risk of making the room too gloomy and oppressive.
  • Panoramic windows are wonderful views, a feeling of freedom and airiness. Especially if these are apartments on high floors and in a picturesque area.
  • Minimization of heat loss. New technologies for the production of double-glazed windows will allow you not to worry about the fact that large window openings will increase heat loss in winter. The chambers of these windows are filled with inert gases such as argon. It serves as an excellent barrier to thermal energy. And a special reflective coating on the outer glass prevents the room from overheating in the summer.

Panoramic glazing is a fashionable and practical solution. Our residential complex "Grani" was built using just such a technology. All the details regarding the purchase of apartments in this residential complex can be obtained by calling:

+38 (066) 22-111-22
+38 (068) 22-111-22