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Original finishing materials

Description of original finishing materials used in modern interiors.
Original finishing materials

In addition to standard wall decoration methods, there are also very unusual ones that will make the interior of your apartment original and memorable. Here are the most interesting ones:

Live wallpaper

An innovative material that changes color or develops new images under the influence of changes in temperature. This effect is achieved due to a special thermal paint, which is used to cover the wallpaper.

Mosaic paint

The composition of this paint includes special microgranules of different colors, which create a variegated pattern of colored spots on the wall. Very easy-to-use paint. It is breathable, easy to clean, can be restored, does not fade, hides small defects in the walls. It must not be stirred before application, otherwise the granules will burst.

Blackboard, marker and magnetic paints

These types of finishes will be most relevant for a children's room. On the walls covered with slate or marker paint, you can draw with chalk or markers. And the magnetic paint contains microscopic metal particles, thanks to which magnets can be molded onto the wall.

Cloth trim

For this type of finish, special fabrics with anti-dust impregnation and protection against fire are used. The canvas is glued directly to the wall or attached to the rack frame, and the voids are filled with padding polyester, which increases heat and sound insulation.


A variegated material consisting of multi-colored flakes. It is durable and waterproof, well hides uneven walls and small dirt. Of the minuses, it is worth noting poor air permeability.

Murals on canvas

The image is printed on natural canvas covered with a layer of quartz sand. This type of finish has high mechanical strength, is not afraid of moisture, fire, burnout and temperature changes, and is easy to clean.

Flexible sandstone

This is a thin, sanded layer of sandstone applied to a textile base using an adhesive. The innovative technology allows the canvas to preserve the pattern and properties of the material and makes it possible to cover complex architectural forms. Such a coating is characterized by an excellent appearance, ease of processing and installation, high strength and water resistance, is not afraid of burnout and temperature changes.

Smart glass

This glass can turn from transparent to opaque, block light and absorb heat, automatically clean itself and turn on the heating mode. The change in properties occurs due to a change in the temperature regime, the degree of illumination and under the influence of an electric pulse.

Modern finishing materials are constantly being improved, becoming more natural, environmentally friendly and easy to install and use. And despite the impressive cost of innovative materials, their popularity is constantly growing.