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Original tips from foreign interior designers

Interesting ideas of foreign designers for your interior
Original tips from foreign interior designers

An apartment bought in a new building is a great platform for the realization of the interior of your dreams. A new apartment is like a blank sheet of paper — a place for creativity and bold ideas. Today we will be inspired by the advice of foreign designers to make your interior more original.

  • There is a common misconception that mixing different styles is a strict prohibition. Emily Henderson claims that you can combine almost any interior styles. The main thing is that they are harmoniously combined with the main color scheme. Of course, you need to track the correspondence of materials and silhouettes. Items should have similar features as cousins.
  • A gallery of paintings or photographs on the wall is not a very popular technique in our interiors. However, this solution is quite popular in the West. Paintings and photographs in stylish frames create a special atmosphere in the room and are always the subject of guests' attention. Tanya Nayak advises to hang the mock-ups of the frames made of cardboard on the walls beforehand, safely securing them with masking tape. Thus, you will accurately find places to attach elements of the future gallery.
  • Walls covered with wallpaper are losing popularity among our designers today. But in foreign interiors, wallpaper remains one of the most popular ways of decorating. Erin Gates shares the secret of decorating small rooms with contrasting and color-saturated wallpaper. This radical solution allows you to deceive your eyesight, hide corners and protrusions so that the room seems much larger.

Experiment, use unusual approaches, make your dreams come true! And we, in turn, will make sure that your apartment is ready on time and in compliance with all norms and rules. As always, we are waiting for you in the Central Sales Department.