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На чем нельзя экономить во время ремонта

In this article we will tell you what it is better not to save on during the repair.
На чем нельзя экономить во время ремонта

Apartment renovation is a time consuming and painstaking process that does not tolerate haste. Everything needs to be thought out and planned carefully. In this article, we will tell you at what stages in the repair it is not worth saving in any case, so as not to redo it twice, to save time and budget.

Design project

This is a very important stage of renovation, which will help you correctly allocate your budget. Thanks to him, you will know exactly what materials you need and how many of them. A design project will require a certain amount of money, but later it will save you from many mistakes, thanks to which you can save money.

Construction team

What you should not save on during the renovation is on the construction team, because the appearance, comfort, comfort and safety of your apartment depend on their qualifications, experience and professionalism.

Engineering Communication

You cannot save on materials for gas and water supply systems, electricity, sewage, heating and ventilation. The slightest breakdown of these communications can lead not only to damage to your and your neighbor's property, and as a result - to additional costs for repairs, but also provoke situations that are dangerous to life and health. For the installation and installation of these systems, it is worth inviting highly qualified specialists.

Screed and plaster

This is the basis for a quality renovation. Unscrupulous performance of these works and violation of technology will certainly manifest itself during finishing.

Windows and doors

Heat and sound insulation, as well as the safety of your apartment, depends on windows and doors. Therefore, their quality and the quality of the fittings for them should also be given due attention.