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Интересные факты о строительстве — часть 2 [ожидает перевода]

Подборка интересных фактов о строительстве
Интересные факты о строительстве — часть 2 [ожидает перевода]

Today we will tell you some interesting facts about the famous Chinese wall.

  1. The length of the Wall is 8851.9 km, and the total length, taking into account all the branches of the structure — is 21,196 km. For comparison, the length of the equator of our planet is 40,075 km.
  2. The beginning of the construction of the Chinese Wall dates back to the III century BC (according to some sources, the VIII century BC). Thus, the age of the Great Wall is at least 2300 years old.
  3. The construction of the wall was officially completed only in 1644, since then only repairs have been carried out here.
  4. According to some studies, only during the reign of the Qin Dynasty, a total of 2 million workers were involved in construction.
  5. The thickness of the walls of the structure is on average about 5-8 meters, and the height is 6-7 meters, and in some areas it reaches 10 meters.
  6. In fact, the Great Wall of China is not visible from space without the use of additional devices. Given its size, already at an altitude of 3 km, it will be comparable to the size of a human hair.
  7. The highest point of the Wall is located on Mount Heita, about 1.5 thousand meters above sea level.
  8. It is believed that during the construction of the Wall, the Chinese invented a wheelbarrow, with which construction materials were delivered.
  9. Today, most of the Wall is in disrepair. And during the Cultural Revolution in China, the government allowed and even recommended that the population use its bricks and stones to build their own homes.
  10. This is the most popular tourist center. Tens of millions of tourists visit the Great Wall of China every year.