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How to protect windows during an explosion

Tips for strengthening windows in a war zone
How to protect windows during an explosion

Now every person in Ukraine can fall under an air strike or shelling, and there is not always time to get to the bomb shelter. Therefore, it is now important to secure your home as much as possible.

The most vulnerable spot in every home is the windows. Even if the explosion occurs not far away, the blast wave can knock out glass, the fragments of which pose a great danger to people and property.

How to protect yourself from the blast wave?

In order to strengthen window panes, a few strips of adhesive tape or mounting tape are enough. The strips should be glued crosswise or with a grid to divide the glass into small sections. Thus, you protect yourself from small fragments and strengthen the glass surface.

In metal-plastic windows, the main force of vibration is damped by rubber inserts, so they are safer than ordinary ones.

In general, any obstacle placed in front of the window can save your life. Books, dense fabric, mattress or doge film reduce the damage from the explosion and the blast wave.