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How to prepare for a repair to avoid becoming a victim of scammers

Tips on how to avoid becoming a victim of scammers when ordering repair work.
How to prepare for a repair to avoid becoming a victim of scammers

In this article, we will tell you what you need to know when starting to renovate an apartment in order not to become a victim of scammers.

Apartment area

To prevent builders from specifying more square meters in the estimate, thereby increasing the cost of work, it is necessary to make full measurements before starting the repair and find out the exact area of your apartment.

Prices and characteristics of materials

Be sure to visit hardware stores, study prices and the appearance of building materials. Knowing the prices will help you understand if the builders are deceiving you by indicating inflated prices for materials. And knowledge of the appearance of materials will save you from purchasing low-quality goods. Be sure to check the integrity of the packaging and quality certificates of materials.

The cost of construction crews

Finding and choosing a construction team is one of the most important tasks during repairs. Talk to several repair teams, find out the average cost of their services. When choosing a team, ask for recommendations, check out their previous work and reviews on the sites. You should not cooperate with a team that offers clearly low prices - this may indicate unskilledness.

Preparation of contract

Before starting repair work, it is necessary to draw up a detailed contract with the construction team. It is important to indicate the entire list of works, their cost, deadlines and sanctions for possible delays, as well as carefully study the prices of materials in the estimate.

There are no minor issues in the repair, it is better to think over and plan everything in advance. Consider all of the above nuances, this will allow you not to overpay for services and materials and will save time, nerves and money.