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How can you use a loggia

Tips for alternative use of loggias
How can you use a loggia

Today we will consider how to use the square meters of the loggia wisely, make it a comfortable and functional part of the apartment, and at the same time unload the rest of the living space. The first thing to think about is how to properly insulate it. Only one high-quality double-glazed windows is indispensable here. It will be necessary to insulate the floor, ceiling, walls and parapet, install heating systems.

Dining room

If there is no partition between the loggia and the kitchen, you can easily install a full dining table and the required number of chairs in this area. In cases where the loggia is separated from the kitchen and there is not enough space for a full-size table, you can install a neat folding table, make a window sill stand along the glazing, or turn the former window sill block into a bar counter, covering it with a beautiful countertop. On the loggia you can put chairs, a refrigerator or a cupboard for storing dishes.


An excellent option for the limited space of the loggia would be the arrangement of the office. On one side, you can put a small desk and hang shelves above it, and on the other, you can place a tall narrow rack for storing things.

Rest area

On the loggia, you can install a small sofa, poufs and a tea table, thereby turning it into a cozy corner for reading or a comfortable pastime with friends.


The loggia can be turned into a wardrobe by installing dressers or full-fledged wardrobes against the side non-glazed walls.


Another interesting option for using a loggia would be a gym. You can install a wall bar, an exercise bike or other sports equipment here.

Winter Garden

If you love growing plants, the loggia can be turned into a winter garden. To do this, you need to equip it with various shelves and stands, as well as take care of installing equipment that will maintain a constant temperature and humidity.

You should not use the loggia as a place for the accumulation of unnecessary things, because this is an additional useful area where you can place what you really lack in other areas of the apartment.