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At what stage is it profitable to invest in new buildings

The benefits of investing in real estate at different stages of construction.
At what stage is it profitable to invest in new buildings

The construction phase is one of the most important parameters when choosing a home. But if earlier buyers preferred to buy housing at the final stage of the construction of the facility, now many are ready to invest even at the stage of the foundation pit, provided the developer is reliable. Let's consider which of the stages is the most profitable for investing in a new building.

  • Pit stage. This stage includes digging a foundation pit, driving piles, laying the foundation and erecting the first floors. By investing at this stage, you can save up to 30% of the final cost of the apartment, since the price per square meter at this time is the lowest. Another advantage of this stage is the large selection of layouts. Further, the price of apartments will grow in proportion to the floors built.
  • The final stage of construction includes all the work up to the arrangement of the local area. At this stage, the cost of apartments is already much higher, but developers are beginning to attract new investors with various discounts and promotions. By purchasing housing at this stage, you can save up to 15%.
  • Commissioning. At this stage, it will no longer be possible to save. The cost of apartments rises to the market level. The choice of layout options will also be significantly reduced. But on the other hand, there are no risks.

As you can see, investing in a new building in the early stages is the most economically profitable, the main thing is to choose a developer with a reliable reputation and many years of experience. Such a developer is ChSMP "Stroitel-P". Call us, we will help you find the perfect option for you!