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5 Ways to Make Bathroom Space Visually bigger

Tips for visually enlarging bathroom space
5 Ways to Make Bathroom Space Visually bigger

Often the bathroom is the smallest room in the apartment. Therefore, the desire to make a room of several square meters larger, at least visually, is quite natural. Here are a few techniques that can make the bathroom more spacious.


One of the most effective ways to visually expand the space in the bathroom is a large mirror. Nothing adds volume like a mirrored wall-to-wall surface. Of course, turning a bathroom into a ballet studio is not the best idea. But experiments with the shape and framing of the mirror can not only make the room visually larger, but also serve as a separate decorative element.

Using light shades

Light finishing materials will help to make the room visually more spacious. In addition, this is a wide field for experiments, because light-colored tiles are perfectly combined with sand, gray-blue or terracotta elements. The individuality of a bright bathroom can be added using contrasting objects in the interior. Even one small bright detail on a light background will add freshness and originality to the design.

More light

Spotlights on the ceiling, illumination of niches and mirrors — the brighter the room is lit, the more spacious it will seem. It is preferable to use warm lighting in the bathroom. Yellow and orange colors are closer to natural light, which will positively affect the emotional state of residents. Cold light, on the contrary, will give the bathroom the effect of an operating room or a refrigerator.

Rational use of space

To visually expand the bathroom space, you will have to give up massive dressers, a bathroom and a large sink. A high vertical cabinet, closed shelves, a shower stall and a corner washbasin will be an excellent solution here.


A sliding door will significantly help to save space. The modern choice of such doors can satisfy even the most demanding taste. Folding or cassette, glass or wooden — such doors can be selected for any interior or type of layout.