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5 ideas what to turn a balcony or loggia into

Tips on how to equip a balcony or loggia
5 ideas what to turn a balcony or loggia into

As a rule, a balcony is not considered by residents as a full-fledged living space with unique functionality. Things that no one needs for a long time find their haven here, but for some reason it doesn't work out to throw them away. But, especially with a small number of useful meters, it is rational to use several squares of balcony space — this is not only a way to unload a living room, but also an opportunity to create a separate room.


This is the most common solution, because more and more people are now switching to a remote work format. On the loggia, you can hide from the household with more success and focus on solving work issues than in any other part of the apartment. But it's not enough just to put a table, a chair and a computer here to turn this area into a working room. The office should be well insulated, lighted and soundproofed. To keep your new office warm even on the coldest winter days, you can install electric heating of the room and an additional outlet for an electric fireplace.


Another great idea for those who want to hide from others in fictional worlds and universes. Floor-to-ceiling bookcases or full-length shelves, an armchair and a cozy floor lamp will turn the balcony into a paradise in order to retire with a novel by your favorite writer.


A great option for using a loggia is a workshop. Here you can not pay so much attention to insulation, but sound insulation should be absolute, especially if you plan to use the workshop on weekends. An important attribute is the floor covering, it must withstand the heavy weight of the tool cabinet and the fall of heavy, sharp objects. Monolithic concrete, unbreakable ceramic tiles, engineering board, porcelain stoneware — not a complete list of coatings suitable for such purposes.


If the passion for folding things on the balcony still does not subside and you do not want to throw out what has already been folded, then you can at least arrange it. Shelves, lockers and hooks will help in organizing things that have no place anywhere else.


The balcony is one of the brightest places in the apartment, which means it is a great option for growing flowers and plants. Light, fresh air and caring hands can turn a balcony into a garden of eden, which will look great not only from the inside, but also from the street. Hanging shelves, a multi-level shelving and a wide window sill will allow you to arrange flowers beautifully and according to their need for light and warmth. Well, a comfortable armchair or sofa will turn the greenhouse into a recreation area.